Apr 10, 2013

Celerium of Great Truth - Week of Adventures Location 5

This adventure location, is in the Darkearth Plains region.  It was originally posted as part of the article on the River Jarl Steading of Rookroost.  There, it was a part of the Week of Adventures, location number 5.

Adventure Location:  Just west of Rookroost, halfway to the edge of the Great Owl Forest, there stands an empty monastery.  It was once built by traveling priests of the order of Brother Ian, to stand as a northern library of knowledge and information (it was to rival the great southern archivist site of Parn Tandalorn, but of course that never happened), to be called the Celerium of Great Truth.  The monks and nuns that settled there, following the heirarchy of priests leading the site, helped to work the land, and prepare an impressive structure.  All was going well, in the early days of the site.
Inside of the Grand Dome of the Celerium
 And then, one winter, there was a horrible raid by Marsh Trolls from up along terrapin.  It was never expected that these terrors would raid this far south, or the monks and nuns would have appealed to the Church bureaucracy for armed protection.  Well, the monastery was wiped out.  It stands, abandoned, now with the exception of some occasional beast men from the Great Owl Forest.  Rumors abound, however, that the reason the original site was chosen was because the original Priests understood there to be a repository of magic, or knowledge, or healing, or something (the tales differ) deep underground, and the Monastery is built over that site.  It certainly would be a site worthy of investigation by adventurers. [This is location 5 in the Week of Adventure Locations].

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