Apr 1, 2013

Petty Gods (the original) has been posted!

A project started a few years back finally got published. I have an entry in it (the petty god Mosht Al Blopp). See page 80 of the pdf over at Gorgonmilk's blog.

Also, there is a new version coming soon (the status of the original was unknown for sometime - the original editor dropped off the planet - so a new version was started). I have all new content in that version, as well. Both a new petty god, (Skaal - the god of fish out of water) and also a writeup on a lovecraftian cult for FRPG.

Just for giggles, here is the writeup on Mosht Al Blopp (but DO get the pdf from Gorgonmilk's website, because there are a ton of great writeups and artwork in the publication - and it is Free).

Name: Mosht Al Blopp
Symbol: Turtle head dripping with slime
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: -7
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 120 hp (27 HD)
Attacks: Special (see below)
Damage: Special (see below)
Save: F25
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: XVII (see below)
XP: 10,000

Know this, oh traveler, that Mosht Al Blopp is the petty god of fetid pools. Those who are unlearned in the glories and unparalleled wonders to be found in the bottom of a dank, fetid, rancid pool can never understand the frenetic bliss enjoyed by Mosht Al Blopp as he splashes about in his great pool, Blopp Harr—the Celestial Slime. The pool occupies a sacred and special place in the Chaotic realm of The Forgotten Ones, but it is not uncommon for Mosht Al Blopp to travel from his beloved and comfortable, mud- and slime-coated home pool to our own world.

Whenever a fetid pool is disturbed—usually by those who are ignorant of the proper obeisances that need to be made to Mosht Al Blopp_there is a small chance that the god will be summoned from his splashing place, and will come to the physical world in order to punish the heretics.

If he appears (and he will, oh traveler, he will) Mosht Al Blopp comes as a great hulking figure, covered in green pond muck. He wields no apparent weapon, nor does he have to. He is the protector of the Celestial Slime, the guardian of the great pool—bringer of pain and retribution to those who dare to violate a rancid and fetid pool in the improper manner. In combat, Mosht Al Blopp can unleash his holy fury on his foes (he can strike directly twice in combat, with to great slimy fists, each doing 2d10 of damage if they strike), but he would rather summon his holy servants from the realm of the The Forgotten Ones.

In order to bring assistance, Mosht Al Blopp will stand in a ready pose, and with his great slimy protuberances, he will split open the apron of muck that drapes below his bulbous waistline (dare not laugh, traveller, for although he appears stout, Mosht Al Blopp is a great and terrible deity). Once open, the servants of the god of fetid pools will appear. There will be 1d4 servants appearing each round, for 1d4 rounds. If Mosht Al Blopp is in particular dire straights he may repeat his call for servants once per hour, but surely the foes of the god of fetid pools would certainly collapse in terror by that point.

In order to spread the bliss and joys of fetid pool muck, when Mosht Al Blopp visits our world, he will often exude fetid pond muck. The muck will spread out from Mosht Al Blopp in a thick covering of the ground, 20' radius the first round he decides to exude. After that it grows another 5' radius (all directions) per round if the great mucky one stands still. Should he decide to move, he will exude another puddle of muck at his new location. The muck stays moist unnaturally for hours and hours after it is exuded, even in the driest of environments. The effect it has is to slow down all who move through the region down to a speed of 20' per round.  Creatures who are unaffected by the muck (natural swamp dwellers, and the Servants of Mosht Al Blopp) have their A/C increased by +2.  Also, any non swamp dweller who attempts to move in it faster than 5' per round, will have to make a dexterity check to avoid falling down.

If Mosht Al Blopp enters an actual fetid pool at our plane, he can then teleport at will to any other fetid pool. If he is within 20' (or standing in) a fetid pool, he can have 1d4 giant leeches (see the rulebook for giant leech statistics) spring from the pool and attack a foe (the summoned leeches will soar through the air out to 60' from the pool). This can be done once per fetid pool.

Name: Servant of Mosht Al Blopp
No. Enc.: Special (see above)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90' (30')
Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 1 (bite)
Damage: 1d6 + 1
Save: F3
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: None
XP: 85

The Servants of Mosht Al Blopp appear as large (6 feet across) turtles, with glowing read eyes full of spiteful hate for the despoilers of fetid pools. They are covered in a thick slimy coating of pond muck. They have unnaturally sharp claws that allow them to scramble across the muck of Mosht Al Blopp at full speed. They have incredibly thick shells that make their armor class (when combined with the pond muck) very difficult to traverse.

Should the unthinkable occur, and Mosht Al Blopp be slain while in our world, then the pool he is in (or a newly formed puddle of muck and slime) will contain the contents of treasure Hoard XVII within the muck. Digging it out, however, will subject those seeking the ill-gotten gains to a chance of contracting a disease (25%). The disease will subtract 1 point from strength, dexterity and constitution per week, for 1d12 weeks. Should any of those reach 0, then the inflicted perishes. The recovery takes just as long (1 point recovered per week) after the disease runs its course.


  1. -7! Bloody hell... I thought I was being harsh giving one my gods an AC of -2...

  2. Well, he is made of celestial goo! Plus, his weakness is magic - no magic resistance (strange for a god, even a petty one!)