Apr 3, 2013

Dalenga Degannon - Magic Elven City on the Great River

Dalenga Degannon is the name of the Elven city that moves on the Great River.  It was built by a particular group of High Elves years ago, when they turned renounced their claim on living in the realm of Faery and decided that a permanent outpost was required in the world of the Valley.

High Elves actually have several hidden cities, in both the Holabrian and Destriel Moutains, but nothing in the central lands of the Valley, where the Westron Baronies are to be found.  They do, of course, cross over (from time to time) and have dealings with other types of elves that are within the valley.  This usually includes the dark elves (or deep elves), the drow elves, the wood elves (who semi-permanently maintain peace around the various arboreal gateways to the Faery realms), and the enigmatic Grey Elves.

Dalenga Degannon was built sometime after the settlement of the first Westron Baronies, but well over a thousand years ago (approximately the year 100 or so, after the start of the Westroner migration).  It was built by the High Elves, but it is believed to be based on secret knowledge they have of the construction techniques employed by the Old Ones, especially those of Ba'a Zarn the Builder.
High Elf city of Dalenga Degannon, on the Great River
The city is constructed on (and within) a large granite island.  The island appears, even under close inspection, to be a solid stationary island, made of a large rocky base, and extending high into the sky.  Upon it are built all manor of Elven towers, halls, and manors.  Within it exists a wonderful city, of underground streets and plazas, full of magical light and plants and animals - both from the Valley and from Faery.

The city moves, east and west, along the Great River.  It has never been seen moving, but once it has settled in a place for some time (it varies - the reasons for the timing are only known to the High Elves themselves), it will suddenly be gone, and have moved elsewhere.  The moves are always accompanied by the most dangerous and threatening of storms - lightning, thick fog, heavy rains and strong winds.  This may account for there not being any witnesses.  In fact, Archivists from Parn Tandalorn are split in decision over whether the city itself moves (as in - the island floats along the river) or if it magically just appears in a new location - some massive application of teleportation magic.

It has been long debated as to whether the city could appear in any one of the Nine Rivers, or if it is only feasible for it to move on the Great River.  Certainly no recorded instances of it being spotted in one of the other rivers have been made.  Smaller craft, and some of the "daughter islands" have been spotted on the lesser rivers.

In addition to Dalenga Degannon itself, there are a number of smaller islands that contain structures owned by the High Elves.  These move about in a similar fashion (moving during a horrendous storm, with no witnesses to the method of movement), but are much smaller.  Often times they are not much bigger than a castle and some outbuildings.  It is not known if there is a set number of such daughter islands, or if they come and go as required.  Certainly, the few travelers who have been lucky enough to spend time ashore/aboard one of the daughter islands describe ancient structures there - similar to the feel and age of the ancient structures on the main island/city itself.

The daughter island, Colatta Diel, having berthed near the Harp Woods
High Elves, which although not especially friendly to the human Baronies, are certainly quite friendly towards individual Humans and members of other races (other than the dark, or Goblyn, races - orcs, goblins, and their ilk).  Members of the race who have dwelt on Dalenga Degannon speak of the city as if it is a Woman, with a mind and will of her own.  They say she goes where she will, and no one - neither an elf of the Valley, nor a highborn elven sorcerer of the Seely Court - can control or predict when and where Dalenga Degannon will move herself.

Dalenga Degannon herself boasts a small navy of amazingly lithe elven long boats, each having a prow tipped with the head of a Swan.  These boats each carry scores and scores of the slim elven knights, wearing their curiously tightly fitting elven chainmail, long lances with tips made of a curious blue-ish metal, and equipped with bows made of living branches of Trow wood - a type of tree that only grows on the isolated slopes of Mount Nar Igew - at the mouth of the Stormwash River.  A High Elf city is there, and it is responsible for the tending of the Trow wood groves, from which the elven bows are made.

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