Apr 17, 2013

Lands to the West - The Omart Empire

To the west, in the lands where the Westroners first arrived from, today there exists a vast, powerful nation called the Omart Empire.

Crossbow Guards of Imperial Priests
The Omart Empire has stood for thousands of years, and is ruled over by an Emperor and his court of advisors.  The current Emperor,  Velaxia Dur, has sat on the Ethereal Throne for nearly 2000 years.  It was his enlightened policies, over a millenia ago, that allowed the men of the Sea Marches to begin their pilgrimage into the valley.  Velaxia Dur is kept alive through the use of magic.  Some - those unfriendly to the throne - have suggested that he may no longer be human, but something else.

The Empire maintains a strong military presence in and around the western entrance into the valley, and are
frequently encountered in the western parts of the Shattered Plains.  Military patrols are common enough, and these are often accompanied by members of the Omart Imperial Priesthood.

Omart military patrols are almost exclusively infantry, usually formations of pikemen, supported by companies of crossbowmen.  Their captains will sometimes ride fine horses, but this is often viewed as an extravagance by those truer to traditional Imperial manner.  There are no horses in the Empire of the Risen Sea (the old name for the Omart Empire, before the structure of the city of Omart), and they are creatures found only in the Valley.
Olmart pike formation, marching south toward the Great River, in the Shattered Plains

The Imperial Priesthood has three orders of Priests - The Sept of the Red Pearl, the Sept of the White Jade, and the Sept of the Black Diamond.  These are different orders within the Imperial magical/religious structure responsible for maintaining magical hegemony over the many conquered islands of the Empire, as well as responsible for the maintenance of the Imperial Court, including keeping the Emperor Alive.

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