Apr 10, 2013

Princess of Roses - Week of Adventures Location 2

The village of Aderback is nearby the River Jarl Steading of Seawyrm. It is located near the Greywater River, in the region of the Sildur Reaches.  Seawyrm is on the Eastern side of the Greywater River.

Adventure Location: Several days northeast of Seawyrm, towards the southernmost fingers of stony ridges coming down out of the Destriel Mountains, there is a curious village.  It is a village made of stone buildings, and surrounded by a stout palisade, to aid in warding off the Sword People who venture that way.  The village's name is Aderbak, and it is known to be the home of both the Princess of Roses, and the thorny portal.

The Princess of Roses is a fey princess, who has sworn to live in this realm, who as been blessed by her father (an Elven sorcerer from the Seely Court) to serve as a natural ward against incursions from the Unseely Realm.  She resides in Aderbak, because a peculiar connection to the Unseely Realm is there.

The thorny portal is stony rift in the ground, surrounded by guarded walls and overseen by towers manned by the Aderbak town guard, and occasionally by wandering Paladins from the Westroner cities (most commonly Knights of the Hearth, and Knights of the White Lady).  It is a permanent portal to a dark and constantly smoky plain in the Unseely Realm, at the center of which stands the great Brass Tower.  This is a mighty castle, peopled by all sorts of dark creatures, evil wizards, and goblin kind of all variety.  That the thorny portal itself cannot be closed remains a mystery, but occasionally adventurers will venture across the portal, into the Unseely Realm, for all manner of purposes. [This is location 2 in the Week of Adventure Locations]

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