Apr 4, 2013

Eagles of Jazzan - Order of Rangers in the Central Valley

The Eagles of Jazzan are an order of Rangers that patrol the regions all around the Jazzan Mountains, but also out as far as the Harp Woods to the northeast, and the Two-Moons River to the southwest.

Hundreds of years ago, before the Barony of Ungams was established, and the cathedral (The Stone of Life) of St. Horace was built there, there was a monastery established to St. Horace in the Jazzan Mountains.  This monastery, known as the Hermitage of Understanding, was located high up on the peak of Mount Soluto.  It was dedicated to an understanding of the natural world, gained through meditation and communing with peaceful animals.  It was founded by Sir Horace Avento of Macester, who renounced his knighthood, his family lands, and all claims to wealth and worldly prestige.

Sir Horace Avento of Macester, choosing the path of the Monastic, and giving up Majestia
The brothers of the Hermitage engaged with a group of knights and men-at-arms in the War of Establishment, against the demon hordes from the Two-Moon River, attacking the newly established city of Henn.  All of the brothers of the Hermitage, who mostly fought in the form of giant bears, were slain except for Horace.  During the fight, Horace, in the form of a giant bear wielding the magic sword Majestia was responsible for slaying a demonic creature, he later found out was a polymorphed innocent, mind controlled into joining the fray.  After the battle, he was totally stricken by grief, and would have died of a broken heart, if he had not been visited by a seraph of the goddess Nadene.  The seraph, one of Nadene's cupid-like angelic messengers, saw in Horace a very good man, and an selfless and peaceful soul, other than his grief over the loss of the brothers in the fight against Noxecatt's demons.  Because of this compassion by the seraph, and the understanding of Nadene for Horace's connection with nature, and especially animals, he was made into an immortal.  In fact, he was made the patron saint of Animals.
The Hermitage at Mt. Soluto

A band of men-at-arms who were impressed with the sacrifice of the Brothers of the Hermitage, decided to forsake arms, and take up a communal life themselves.  However, at this Horace saw the need for humans to not only understand the world - including those aspects of plants and animals that humans are capable of understanding - but also to participate in its defense.  So, he convinced the men-at-arms to become the Rangers of the Hermitage.  They were trained in the skills of tracking and dealing with natural magic and animals of all sorts.  These became the first line of defense, now, against the horrors that occasionally emerge from the Two-Moons River.

Since this first band was formed, there have been Ranger Hermitages set up in a number of wild places, sometimes preceding the migration to the east of the Westroners, and sometimes following it.  Eventually, a group of such hermitages came together to form the Northguard in the year 656.  The Northguard, because they work so closely (at times) with Storm King Barbarians, have dropped the connection to the order of St. Horace, however.

With a number of different Hermitages having been established, it has become traditional to name each such "order" by a name including a local animal to the location of the hermitage, as well as the name of the region that it is from.  Because of this, the Rangers of the original Hermitage have become known as the Eagles of Jazzan.

Sword Pommel of a senior Ranger in the Eagles of Jazzan

Eagles all carried a distinctive sword with an Eagle's head on the pommel.  Other than that they have no mark of office.  Other than human Rangers, the order also includes clerics of St. Horace, and also some Wood Elves from the Harp Woods, who join the order for a number of years, before deciding to return to their Arboreal retreats, or back to the Faery realm.  The range of the valley that the Eagles patrols includes the lands east of the Two Moon River, up to the Great River, and across to the Harp Woods. South, it extends to the city of Henn.  Within this area, there is a network of good creatures and human (and other) inhabitants that are friendly to the Eagles, and provide assistance (whether in the form of information or supplies, or more directly, as assistance under arms).

To this day, the Rangers of the order have as a sworn enemy the sorcerer Raebacc Stin, who has become a Lich and has a secret haunt in a location the Rangers have been yet able to find.  Raebacc Stin was the sorcerer, in the service of Noxecatt, who was responsible for the formation of the original body of diabolical forces that killed the original brothers of the Hermitage.  The magic sword Majestia, formerly owned by St. Horace (when he was Sir Horace) has also become lost over the years, and legends talk about it being in the possession of Raebacc Stin.

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