Apr 10, 2013

The Scorch - Week of Adventures Location 3

The Scorch is an area of land near to the River Jarl Steading of the Bright Iron Fastness. It was originally written up as Location 3 in the Week of Adventure Locations.The land is just east of the Greywater River, in the region of the Sildur Reaches.

Adventure Location:  Southeast of Bright Iron, further south east even than the Stone Houses, there is a region along the border of the Orc Clan lands known as The Scorch.  This is a rolling plain, in the Sildur Reaches, among some gentle swells of the land, where all life has been burnt off.  This was done during one of the wars between the Huscarls of Bright Iron and the Orc Clans.  It was meant as a reminder of the edge of the Orc Clan Lands that Bright Iron would tolerate.  The land was burnt by fire brigands, summoned by fire wizards, from the great volcanoes and lava flows of the icy north, deep in the Destriel Mountains. 

These beings (the fire brigands), thought to be the servants of the Gods when they formed the mountains of the world, were brought forth and told to totally destroy all life in the area of the Scorch.  This they did, but in so doing it they also deposited all sorts of minerals and metals into the burnt land.  This has come to attract all sorts of adventurers and treasure seekers, for there are also gems (both magical and non-magical) among the curious deposits left by the fire brigands.  Once, not so long ago, a band of Mika-born (gnomes) came and built a fortified tower, along with deep dungeons and mines, in the center of the scorch.  From this they sought to exploit the area and relieve it of its treasured burdens that litter the landscape.  The expedition lasted about a generation, before it was totally wiped out by Orc Clans.  The tower, and it's dungeons, known as the Tower of Ontigar, still is there, and is awaiting the plundering of a band of adventurers.  [This is location 3 in the Week of Adventure Locations.]

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